Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kiva - The gift that gives to many...

We all have those friends and relatives who are tough to buy for. They always get the things they want when they want them, leaving you to have to find some lame substitute or gift card.

Along come, a great option for people who say "don't get me anything, just donate in my name". But it is definition of a hand up.... not a hand out.

Kiva is a microloan service to 3rd world entrepreneurs. Kiva works with local "field partners" that take applications, evaluate business plans, select ventures to fund, and monitors their performance.

In my opinion, no one is more dedicated to helping people in a community, than those that live in that community. To seek out and find those driven individuals who wish to better themselves and make their communities more self sufficient, is finding the most valuable resource. And the field partners have to report periodically on a journal about each projects progress, which is emailed to you if you are a lender. You can participate in many projects for as little as $25.

Some examples are:

Narciso Chincay - A furniture maker in Ecuador
Patricio - A general store owner in Mozambique
Mukaddas Dadaboeva - A bakery owner in Tajikistan

This is just 3 of over 3000 entrepreneurs Kiva has helped.


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