Wednesday, November 28, 2007

RETS RESO Board off to a great start...

Just came from our first conference call. Man, what a great group of smart people, I was honored to just listen in. The group is made up of a great cross-section of the real estate technology industry. The names are officially posted here, but here they are again:


Sergio DelRio (T4Bi)
Jaison Freed (FBS)
Paul Hethmon (Clareity)
Dan Mills (MarketLinx)
Dan Woolley (Dominion Enterprises)


Kristen Carr (RMLS FL)
David Harris (First MLS)
Chip McAvoy (First American)
Gregg Petch (MRIS)
Michael Wurzer (FBS)

Some of the first steps we hope to accomplish:

  1. Get a full-time Executive Officer (EO) who will be the first employee of the RESO Corporation, a wholly owned non-profit corp of NAR. So if you or any one you know would be a great candidate for this awesome opportunity, contact Mark Lesswing.
  2. Evaluate our current workgroup structure, and decide which ones are working well and which ones need to be restructured. And appoint an official Chair and Vice-Chair of the committees that will be formed from the working groups.
  3. Decide on the proper naming of RETS2 and RETS 1.x. Most of the community agrees that the two are enough different that they both have a purpose in existing long term. So their names should not indicate succession. Maybe RETS 'apple' and RETS 'orange' (you get my drift).
  4. Set some Goals for 2008. With the NAR MLS rules now requiring a compliant RETS server (link to come to soon), RESO is perfectly suited to assist the MLS's in this effort.

Please comment on this post with any ideas and/or suggestions you have for the RESO Board, we are all ears. Also, join the active and passionate community that exists on the RETS Forums.


  1. Great summary of the meeting, David!

  2. Thanks for sharing the details, I look forward to hearing more as the BOD's work continues.

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